Barack Obama's View on Stem Cell Research

Barack Obama's View on Stem Cell Research

Agree/Disagree with Barack Obama

I strongly agree with Barack Obama’s view on stem cell research. I agree with him because I have a sister who has diabetes, and many other relatives who have it. If stem cell research will lead to a cure to diabetes, then there is no doubt in my mind to agree with it.

This research is important because it will save millions of lives if they find treatments, and even better, cures to diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, heart failure and other disorders. By using the hundreds of thousands of embryos that are not used for reproduction and will be destroyed, we can greatly increase the chances of making a discovery for a cure. By sacrificing these embryos, when scientists find a cure they will be saving millions of lives. Far more lives will be saved than destroyed.

The people who disagree with stem cell research don’t look at the big picture; they don’t look to see what it will help with in the future. If scientists find a cure for some of the diseases using stem cell research, it will save lives all over the world. Once they find a cure, and they are done with this research, no more embryos will be used, and people for generations to come will have a cure. If scientists find a cure, they might even stop some of these diseases and disorders for good.

I agree with Barack Obama’s view on genetics research. I think we can make extremely valuable discoveries in the health field and in food. If we could use this to tell if people have a diseases far before it will have any effect on that person, we could prolong that persons life and maybe even stop the diseases completely.

By using genetics research on plants and other forms of food, we can make food much healthier, and maybe even new ways of growing it. With healthier food I think people will continue to stay healthier with out medical treatments. Genetic research with plants not only helps with food, but will also provide medicines and...

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