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Julia Marsh , Laqueita Jones
Interpertation of Lines
1384 – 1396
July 8 , 2011

B – Wise sir , do not grieve
O – King don’t grieve
B- It is always better to average dear ones than to indulge in mourning
O – Don’t mourn cause I’m going to get revenge
B- For everyone of us , living in this world means waiting for air end
O- Everyone living will die
B- Let whoever can win glory before death
O- If you win you have glory but if not let me die trying
B- When a warrior is gone , that will be his best and only bulwark
O- When a warrior is gone , his reputation should stand for itself that was good
B- So arise , my lord and let is immediately set fourth on the trial of this troll-dam
O- Get up and let me and my troop go on our way . To find Grendels mother
B- I guarantee you : she will not get away , not to den under ground , nor upload groves , nor the ocean floor
O – I promise im going to find her hell or high water
B- She’ll have nowwhere to flee to
O – She can not hide I will find her
B – Endure your troubles to – day
O- Be sad today but joy will come
B- Bear up and be the man I expect you to be
O – Stand up and be the king you are known for

Julia Marsh , Laqueita Jones
Interpertation of Beowulf
Lines 1191-1491
July 8 , 2011

Line 1191-1210 – Queen carried the cup to Beowulf and spoke to him very highly and gave him bangles , mail – shirt which is the armor covering the heart like a bullet proof vest . She gave him a torque of gold – meaning the most valuable gold ever seen . She gave him the neck torque of Hygeleac the Great because she felt it had great power .
Line 1215 – Applause filled the hall meaning the people in the mead – hall was happy and excited by the giving of the gifts .
Line 1218 -1230 – Wealththeow the wife Hrothgar tells him to tak er two boys and trained them to be as good as him and if you need any back up her thanes ( warrior) we be ready to help .
Line1242-1250 – They went to bed ready for...