Barnett Is Guilty

Barnett Is Guilty

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INTRO The merry Barnett case! Guily or not?
1. Our group decision
2. Why I agree or disagree with one of the doctors
3. Did my back ground affect the decision made by me and if so how.
• BODY 1 our group decision
1. Guilty
2. The doctor and research
3. If you are depressed and in that state you would not recall what you are doing. She admitted that she did it showing that she was not depressed but just didn’t care
4. We talked about one of our partners dads who is a doc and got info that way
• BODY 2 the background of the jury
1. Agree with dr parker.
2. I did my own research
3. He has done this before
4. She seems depressed now. Cuz she killed her kid.
• Body 3 did my background affect the decision in the end
1. Yes, i have felt bad and “depressed before”
2. It is a act of selfishness. All about mememe
3. Go back to my roots as a Christian.
4. I know I have to be compassionate but you have to pay for your actions
1. CONCLUSION restate revue and prove
a. How
b. When
c. why

Barnett is Guilty

REA 2205
Instructor Dirienzo
2009 02 09

The Mary Barnet case, which we have been studying in our critical reading class, is a very intense and well know case about a mother that letf her baby in her apartment when she left for seven days to go see her fiancé. In the real case marry was found guilty. In our group discussion, we also decided that she was guilty. There were two doctors that were used in the case as witnesses, one in which I agreed with and the other I did not as much. I really do not have much of a background in depression but I do know that the little that I do have did affect the decision that I had in the end. I also think that the background of those that are In the jury will affect, or have affected the end outcome of the verdict. I found that I was very interested in this case and I do not think that she got all that she deserved.
Our group met on a few different occasions and discussed a few different things...

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