Baseball basketball

Baseball basketball

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How A Baseball Team is Put Together

Baseball is one of America’s greatest past times full of amazing history that is still reflected on society today. Throughout baseball’s history there have been great teams, good teams, and poor teams. To be a good team there must be good players in every position. This essay will tell you how to put together a quality baseball team.

First off, the most important position in baseball is the pitcher. To have a good team you must have a good pitching rotation, which means there are at least five pitchers, or so, that rotate from game to game. Starting pitchers are called on to pitch as many innings as they can before getting into “trouble.” Along with starting pitchers are relief pitchers. Relief pitchers are used when the starting pitchers are not doing well in the game. For example, if a pitcher gives up some runs, the coach might call in the relief pitcher to get the starting pitcher out of the “jam”. The next important position is the catcher. The catcher needs to have a strong arm and also a good bat. He is called on every night to catch the whole game. The catcher is in charge of telling the pitcher what pitches to throw, and what not to. Having a good offense is a key also for the catcher because he is relied on to do damage at the plate.

Next up is the infield, which is a vital part to a baseball team. In the infield there is a first, second, and third baseman along with a shortstop. These positions need players that have good range and also have a good arm to get runners out. They also need to have a good glove, which means they have to be able to field balls well without making errors.

Finally, the last positions needed on a baseball team is the outfield. The outfield is made up of left , right, and center fielders. These players need to cover a lot of ground during the game so they must be have a good reaction time and a good speed to run down any balls hit into the gap. Right field is the most important of...

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