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Basic Essay

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South Atlantic Modern Language Association

Where Did Shakespeare Stand
Shakespeare and Democracy by Alwin Thaler
Review by: C. A. Robertson
South Atlantic Bulletin, Vol. 8, No. 4 (Feb., 1943), pp. 1+4-5
Published by: South Atlantic Modern Language Association
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Vol. VIII No. 4

Atlantic Bulletin

February, 1943

Wheredid Shakespeare
Man and the Stars Old Romance English
SANCE: The Quarrel about Astrology
SHAKEtSPEARE AND DEMOCRACY. By Alwin Thaler. Knoxville,
The University of Tennessee Press,
1941. xi, 312 pp. $2.50.
There is a special timeliness about
this book. Shakespeare and Democracy
is a collection of addresses and research
articles, the latter having already appeared at intervals during the last
twenty years in various learned journals. The addresses are recent contributions to The University of Tennessee's "program of public service in
critical times." As the Preface observes, these are indeed documents of
our day; for in them, and notably in
the first, we remark...

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