Baxton Technology

Baxton Technology

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[Baxton technology] |
Case Study |

* Mission Statement:

Baxton Technology manufactured surface automotive hoists, a product used by garages, service stations and other repair shops to lift cars for servicing. It is opened in Lachine, Quebec. Products of Baxton technology include more safety features and it was considered a leader in automotive lift safety. Offering a superior product for customer was the primarily goals of the company. Baxton lift developed a reputation in the industry as the “Mercedes” of hoist.

* Key Success factors:

Baxton technology products are surface automotive hoists going from “in ground single- post hoist, surface four-post hoist and the Baxton lift known as surface scissor.
The price of hoists ranged from 3000 to 15000 $.
Baxton technology plant is opened in Lachine, Quebec and three types of distribution system are used such as, a company sales force, Canadian distributors and a U.S automotive wholesaler. Their main task was to service large direct accounts.
Baxton technology distributed a catalogue-type package with products, uses, prices, and other required information for both distributors and uses. Baxton technology advertised in trade publication such as “Auto Inc”. More than that, powerful salespeople such as Pierre traveled to trade shows in Canada and the United States to promote the Baxton lift.

* Core Competencies:

* Strength: Baxton products from the beginning were considered as a superior product because Mark the owner had taken considerable pride in the development and marketing of the Baxton lift. The original design included a scissor lift and a safety locking mechanism. As well, the scissor lift offered easy access for the mechanic to work on the raised vehicle. Because the hoist was fully hydraulic and had no chains or pulleys it required little maintenance. Another key feature was the alignment turn plates were an integral part of the lift. The mechanics could accurately and...

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