Bba Course: Industrial Tour Report

Bba Course: Industrial Tour Report


Industrial Tour Report is one of the most important topics of our 4th year B.B.A course. Now the world is competitive. So we have to earn the knowledge about the critical environment of business. This type of industrial tour report helps the student to acquire practical knowledge about the modern business organization. It will also help the student to be an effective manager in future. Different organizations take different kind of policies to operate their business.

As a student of 4th year B.B.A. (Marketing studies and international marketing) student of Chittagong University, we have been assigned to prepare the industrial tour report on “AMIN JUTE MILLS LTD.” We have tried our best with all my ability to complete this report with perfection.


We own our heartiest gratitude to all who have sincerely and constructively assisted us in preparing this report in a befitting manner. We would especially like to extend thanks to my reverend teacher Mr. A. N. M Nurul Kareem, honourable Professor, department of marketing studies and international marketing, University of Chittagong for his sublime guidelines, valuable insights and suggestions regarding the preparation of the report and he completion of tour paper.

We are very much grateful to Managing Director, to give permission for involvement at Amin Jute Mills Ltd. to appoint us for this study. We are also grateful to all the officials of HRM, marketing, production, accounting departments of Amin Jute Mills Ltd. to co-operate us during our study.


The scope of the study was confined to only one sample enterprise – Amin Jute Mills Ltd. The methodology followed for the purpose of the study has been desk research as well as field survey. The desk research method has been followed to review the existing literature on the subject. Primary data was collected with the help of semi-structured prepared in the light of...

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