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Assignment Question
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Format: Must be written and presented in accordance with the ACWS Assignment Presentation guide.
Discuss the initiatives and procedures an organisation can develop and implement to effectively contribute to the promotion of consultative arrangements in the workplace, as part of a systematic approach to managing OHS.
In your discussion address formal and informal processes of ensuring people in organisations are informed about OHS matters, have opportunities to effectively participate in OHS processes and legislative requirements.


This essay has been written to discuss how individuals and organisations can contribute to the implementation to the OHS consultation .This will discuss formal and informal processes that can be used to promote consultation when managing OHS issues in the workplace. The process is based on a systematic approach to dealing with OHS issues as they arise in the work environment.
Each state in Australia has its own set of OHS guidelines and regulations. This essay will discuss regulations and relevant information under the Victorian OHS Act 2004.It has been based on the study I have undertaken on the Unit BSBOHS402B Contribute to the implementation of the OHS consultation process .This is one of the core units that are required to be studied to obtain Certificate IV in OHS.

Developing a systematic approach to OHS

Consultive arrangements are processes that involve all key people in an organisation to solve and deal effectively with OHS issues. A consultive arrangement in an organisation between employers and employees is mandatory in all Australian...