BCOM 230 – Communication and the Audience ( A+Material )

BCOM 230 – Communication and the Audience ( A+Material )

BCOM 230 – Communication and the Audience ( A+Material )
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Communication and the Audience
BCOM 230
Hank Parisi
Mary Anderson
Michael Wolper
Sara Slevin
Suzanne Beal
Cynthia Gernertt
From: Beth Riordan Manufacturing
To: Accounting Department
Cc: John
Subject: Status of Due Diligence Investigation
All Concerned -
Just an update on the DD report, everything went out as planned, the return data request included a checklist that covered the following areas; corporate matters, financial statements, tax/governmental reports and compliance, personal property, contracts and agreements, real property, intellectual property, insurance, litigation, affiliate transactions or arrangements, and environmental protection.
I realize some of these areas may not apply to this particular company, but I wanted to make sure I covered all bases. Better to ask and have it not apply than not ask and miss important information.
They have replied on some of the areas, mostly the easy ones that had little or nothing to report back, and they have addressed some of the financial information. However, there seems to be a little delay with most of what we need.
I have had a few calls, most were asking for clarification on the data requested. Once I answered their questions, more calls came in requesting an extended due date. I have advised them that they need to get the information to us as quickly as possible and have suggested that they supply data piecemeal, as they get it put together. I can always consolidate the report elements as they come in. I told them I did not...

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