Bcp Template

Bcp Template

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business Continuity Plan

University of Connecticut

Prepared by: , Director
Kevin Borgstedt, Consultant

March 26, 2008

Date of Last Review: March 26, 2008
Storage Location:


Plan Overview 3

Purpose: 3
Policy: 3
Scope: 3
Assumptions: 3

Description of 4

Location 4

Disaster Recovery Strategy 4

Plan Activation Authorization: 4
Work at Home: 4
Move to Alternate Location: 4
Plan Activation Triggers: 4
Team Roles and Responsibilities 5
Pre-disaster Activities: 6
Emergency Identification and Response: 7
Emergency Damage Assessment / Evaluation: 7
Emergency Response Assignments: 8
Alternative / Manual Processes: 9
Post-Emergency Assignments: 9
Communications & Decision-making Protocols: 9

Returning to Normal Operations: 9

Authorization: 9
Operating Dependencies: 10
Steps to Return to Normal Operation: 10

Plan Maintenance Procedures: 10

Plan Review and Update Process: 10
Plan Distribution Procedures: 10
Validation Requirements: 11
Recovery Plan Validation History: 11

Additional Documentation: 12

Location of Disaster Recovery Documentation for Supporting Systems: 12
Location of Supporting Documentation: 12

Plan Update History: 12

Plan Sign Off 13

Plan Overview


This Business Continuity Plan (BCP) will be updated in response to changes in the business environment. The will review the plan at least annually.

This document outlines the steps required to operate the in the event of an unanticipated interruption of normal operations. This document will articulate the triggers for when alternate business processes need to be deployed, the steps to deploy alternate business processes, the methods for verifying that business has been properly restored and ensuring data integrity, and activities for...

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