Be Aware: Unemployment Loss on the Rise

Be Aware: Unemployment Loss on the Rise

Be aware: Unemployment Loss on the Rise

My day started with a phone call to the manufacture to fix a printer at work. Sam was
the help I got. My problem was the printer, all the sudden it became Sam not the printer. His
accent was hard to understand. I started to wonder and asked him where his located at. Sam’s
respond was India. That’s when I asked myself why someone in India have that job when
we have the technology and the ITT power with the ability to do the same job and better. Not
to mention the Tax they would be paying to serve the country. Although the law that protect
our interest and our right, is the same law that gives Sam that job. By moving the call center for
AT&T and other big company’s back to the USA and minimizing the import off goods from other
Countries, Can increase job opportunity.

AT&T, HP, Microsoft were one of the biggest companies and the first to move their
calling center’s to other countries. By doing that they got the opportunity of paying fewer taxes
and less payroll. They are the main beneficiaries. Cutting on taxes, or job opportunity does not
benefit the country whatsoever. Therefore a lot off graduated student lost the chance of having
a good stable job and life. Because the job go to India, the chance for a better job and a good
life would not be possible for the unemployed student that struggling to find a job, yet to pay
their student loan. Not to mention the help they require from the government to go on living
somewhat of a normal life.

China, one of the main sources to import to the USA. That will cause the unemployment
number’s to rise and for the problem to exceed . By minimizing the import of goods and
forcing shark companies to open factories in the USA. That will open more job opportunities
and it will bring more flow to the country and the economy. It well cut back on homeless
people and provide a more peaceful life to the USA.

Just like my day started why...

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