Bead Bar Computer Network

Bead Bar Computer Network

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Bead Bar Computer Network
Cesar Giovanni
December 14, 2008

In this paper, I will outline a detail high-level computer network design for the Bead Bar Company. I will provide the background information on the computer and what they need in terms of IT and what current technology they are using. I will describe what a computer network could do for the Bead Bar Company and how it could help there business in the long run.
The company will need a network and I will outline a new network that will work for them and the correct recommendations. The organization will need a brief discussion on network topology and architecture these things are important for the company to know, since they need to understand what’s going in to the network. I will also choose a network topology that will fit with the company needs.
The network architecture will be the next thing that will be proposal. Finally I will discuss the advantages that the new network will have on the company and the major drawbacks that come with this new network.

The Bead Bar Company is in need of new network; they have chosen me to develop that network for them. Before I begin outlining a network that would fit with the companies needs, here is some background information on what the company is looking for in terms of IT and network. The company is looking for to make sure that when the things are being install that when everything is finish that network and wires all look proper and not a mess. They want to be able to provide more services with their franchisees; they see the network as being the rod that will make that happen. The company also wants to the network to connect with the main office and the other locations of the company.
The managers also want to be able to access the network from anywhere, if they work outside the office. When it comes to financial part, the company wants to be able to...

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