Bead Bar Network Paper Design

Bead Bar Network Paper Design

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Bead Bar Network Paper

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A network’s basic design plays an integral part in its operation and performance. Making good decisions for your business requires accurate information on your assets. Besides, computers are one of the most valuable resources your company can have.

Bead Bar is a company that creates their own beads. The company however still uses paper based forms and has caused some problems, including, lost orders, incorrect invoicing and fulfillment delays. Now the company wants to use a relational database system since they have several locations. Having a computer network for your company will allow you to share files; it saves space, time, and paper. Security is also an important thing to have for your company when data is loss then if you have multiple computers then this will allow others to retrieve your information for you. Also, having access to databases whether public or private it will protect the data from accidental being misuse by your employees.
Meanwhile, I suggest that your company purchase the database system Corectech. The network topology and architecture that will be best for your company will be the Star Topology and the Cisco Data Network for your architecture.
The network topology that I mention that will be best for your company would be the Star Topology. A star topology is designed with each node like file server, workstations, and peripherals connected directly to a central network hub or concentrator. Also, each network device has a home run of cabling back to a network hub, giving each device a separate connection to the network. If there is a problem with a cable, it will generally not affect the rest of the network. It is capable of 10 megabits per second data transfer rate, making it suitable for only 10 BASE T Ethernet. However, the star topology is easy to install, it detects faults and remove parts, it’s more suited for larger networks and also the cabling types can be mixed....

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