Bead Bar Network Recommendations

Bead Bar Network Recommendations

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Bead Bar Network Recommendation
Brandon S, Windisch
University of Phoenix

Bead Bar Network Recommendation

The times are changing and time itself is now, more than ever, of the essence. Business happens around the world, twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year at the speed of light. Any company wishing to maintain a foothold in the modern business landscape needs to embrace the global market and evolve to meet the needs of a clientele used to modern service.
In the past a solid reputation for integrity and fair price for services may have been enough to guarantee business longevity. But today there is new a paradigm added, an extra layer of public expectation for businesses wishing to attract customers. That paradigm is speed through technology. Computers and the internet have altered the playing field in modern business and are a must for any company wishing to stay competitive in the Twenty First Century.
Bead Bar is a growing company specializing in bead jewelry, specifically allowing customers to create their own, unique jewelry. The company has enjoyed success and steady growth under the direction Meredith S. since its inception in 1998.
Bead Bar began a simple studio in New Canaan, Connecticut and has grown into three separate divisions including six studios, five franchises and a unique division that allows Bead Bar to extend its services to the passengers of various cruise ships. Through steady growth and prudent decisions, Bead Bar has grown into a formidable small business with an average annual revenue of over one million U.S. dollars.
The Achilles Heal of Bead Bar is its antiquated business model and outdated paper forms. Up to this point, Bead Bar has accomplished amazing feats of business with this system but to stay competitive, the company realizes that it must evolve or perish. The company now wishes to incorporate computers and information technology in order to meet the demands of...

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