Bead Bar Networking Paper

Bead Bar Networking Paper

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Bead Bar Network Paper

Paris Hopewell

Axia College of University of Phoenix

The Bed Bar is a growing company that provides their customers with the opportunity to create their own jewelry. There are currently three divisions of the Bead Bar. There are six studios, five franchises, and the Bead Bar on Board. The company has 35 employees, 15 of which are full time and 20 part-time employees.
In the past the Bead Bar was using a paper based system. While using the paper based system, the company suffered many problems. Some of these problems included lost orders, incorrect invoices, and fulfillment delays. Due to the problems the paper bases system had, Meredith the owner of the Bead Bar has hired Stan and I. Based on the size of the Bead Bar I believe that a network system would be highly effective. I also believe that by placing a computer network in the Bead Bar it will provide more productive and a higher level of customer service.
Recently the Bead Bar purchased 16 computers. 14 of which are desktops and the other 2 are notebooks. Each of these computers has been equipped with an operating system and database. The computers are using Microsoft Windows XP System; The Bead Bar also incorporated the Oracle 9i database. Due to the various locations that the Bead Bar has, the Oracle enterprise database is perfect.
Implementing a computer network can be very beneficial to the Bead Bar. A computer network will give the company the ability to store, retrieve, and modify information. There will also be that ability to keep an eye on labor, and inventory. A computer network can also provide the Bead Bar with the ability to share information within the company. The Bead Bar can also improve their purchasing, their selling, and as well as their customer service. The network will also provide a more productive and efficient work place. I say that the work place will be more productive and effective because the computer network will not make some of the some...

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