Bead Bar Paper

Bead Bar Paper

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Bead Bar Network Paper 1

Bead Bar Network Paper


Marvin T. Harris

University of Phoenix

Bead Bar Network Paper 2


The Bead Bar franchise is a successful company with its eyes on the future. The Bead Bar already functions very efficiently as it is. Our plan is to take The Bead Bar to the next level by implementing a various array of technical upgrades. This plan will consist of every thing from the latest in desk top computers to PDAs. The building of a new website will help bring in the customers that do there shopping online as well as those who prefer to browse what The Bead Bar might have available before they come to the store. This plan also includes suggestions for the improvement of the way the Bead Bar Onboard stores on cruise ships communicate with the local shops as well as communication and information sharing with the store countrywide.

Bead Bar Network Paper 3


The Bead Bar currently uses a paper base system. This has created a number of problem form lost invoices, to hard to find sales receipts. New desktop computers in all of the stores that have enough memory to save and store customer information and sales transactions will eliminate the need for paper. These computers can also be used as work stations, so that all employees will have access to the same information. Some of the employees of The Bead Bar have to travel. The purchase of PDAs will make their jobs easier and remove the need for maps.

Bead Bar Network Paper 4

Network Topology

I suggest that we use a star topology for the Bead Bar. A star topology will enable the company to share information with all of the stores across the country and the Bead Bar Onboard locations. The traveling employees will be able to store pertinent information on their laptops and PDAs, eliminating the chance of them being out of the loop.

The star type of topology is also are easy to install and update because all nodes are...

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