Bearkat Camp

Bearkat Camp

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Randi Crapitto crapitto 1
October 06,2010

Bearkat Camp
Deciding to come to Sam Houston State was not a hard decision for me, neither was choosing a major. What I struggled with was deciding which originations or clubs to join that would benefit me the most. During my research, I found out about Bearkat camp. A freshman camp put on by the upper-classmen and the recreation center. If you are going to be a incoming freshman I recommend you attend this coming year. By attending Bearkat camp, you will get to experience all of the challenging activities and memory making chances; and you will walk away a new true bearkat.
When we were unloaded from the buses they told us which cabins we would be staying in for the week. I had twenty girls in mine, with only two bathrooms; by that night we were already pretty close. After we were settled into our bunks everyone met back up together. They first split us up into twelve different small groups, then informed us the even number groups would all be called the Raven’s, and the odd groups would be called Caddo’s. Not even five minets after we got our tribe names the rivalry began. There was never a moment I was without my small group, we went and did everything together. When our whole tribe was together it was as if we had all known each other for a lifetime. I met many new people, and if I wouldn’t of attended bearkat camp I would never have had the opportunity to make the friendships and bonds that I did.

Crapitto 2
There were times we had to be serious about things, but there also a time to play games and have fun. We had many group activities weather they were within our tribes or our small groups. One of which we rode in canoes’ while team members used a slingshot to shoot tennis balls at us, and we had to pick as up as we could without falling out or flipping the canoe. There was also a blob, and you jumped off a dock on to it, sending the person on the other end flying into...

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