Beauty Business

Beauty Business

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5.1 Aims and Objectives

Aims for ImmaQulate in 2009 are:

• To create an instantaneous awareness of the salon’s existence
• To quickly develop new customers and gain their loyalty
• To maintain the existence customers and encourage frequent visits
• To diligently encourage recommendations
• To establish multiple revenue streams
• To market the business extensively but without paying the cost
• To maintain tight control of cost, operations and cash flow
• Achieve turnover of £70,000 at the closing of 2009

Objectives for ImmaQulate in 2008 are:

• Plan a success launch day and invite as many women as possible including celebs
• Intensive marketing campaign even after the launch party
• Provide exceptional customer service and develop loyalty schemes
• Offer customers incentives e.g. discounts, BOGOF etc.
• To stock and retail various products to customers as often as possible
• Get involved in sponsorships and contra deals with related activities
• Regularly monitor the cash flow and research cheapest suppliers in all key areas
• Drive sales and keep on target

5.2 Marketing Strategies

We plan to open the salon on 1th February 2009, the weeks preceding to Valentine in order to capitalise on the great demand which arises within that period. However the official launch is on the 13th February 2009. Throughout this week we plan to exhibit our products and service range, and on both weekends we will have product house reps to come and advice clients on beauty products.

Strategy 1: We will start off our campaign by conducting a survey of about 15 questions, to 200 people (150 females, 50 males) in order to find out which is the most popular beauty salon and what makes it popular.
After individuals have completed our questionnaire we will give them a discount voucher of 50% to be redeemed on the first day of opening 1th February 2009 only. For vouchers not redeemed that day, the bearer can still use it up to the 16th February...

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