Becoming a Tax preparer

Becoming a Tax preparer

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Your name: Nicholas McCary
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The course number: BUS 3004
Instructor name: Sherry Crelin
Date submitted: March 1, 2014
Title of your paper: Becoming a Tax Preparer Business Owner

Many people have dreams of starting a small business of some kind. My dream of becoming a business owner is in the fields of Tax Preparer. Becoming a business owner takes skills, finances, planning, knowing if you want a partner to help establish your business, commitment, and devotion to wanting a business. Becoming a Tax Preparer owner is hare word.
Tax Preparer Commitments
There are step to take when becoming a tax preparer owner. I found that becoming a tax preparer you have to have the knowledge and will power to accept the people and the work behind is, plus having a passion for the job. The description of a tax preparer is individual or small business but has no background or responsibilities of an accredited or CPA (certified public accountant).

Importance of a Tax Preparer
When working in this field you have many tasks that have to be performed. The important of a tax preparer are: compute taxes owned and over paid using different types of computing numbers weather by computer, paper or hand form. Helping with complex or preparing simple tax returns for an individual or small business. Obtaining information and paper work making sure everything is in correct order and correcting mistakes is also important.

Having an interest in what I like to do will also help me to have a strong drive on this type of work. Having enterprising and conventional then you wants to help other. Carrying out a project in which you have started and following set procedures and routines, usually there is a clear line of authority to follow.

The education, training, and experience needed for this job is also simple. Having vocational schooling, on the job...

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