Beer Market - Europe Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 – 2021

Beer Market - Europe Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 – 2021

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Beer is one of the most preferred alcoholic beverages in Europe. There are large numbers of local players in Europe with no international presence. The advent of beer started in Western Europe and later on spread to Eastern Europe. Ukraine and Russia are some of the major countries boosting the demand for beer in Eastern Europe. However, due to high market penetration Western and Northern Europe is expected to have stable growth throughout the forecast period. The consumption rate of beer in Europe is the higher compared to other alcoholic beverages such as Wine and Spirits (Whiskey, Vodka, Rum and various others). Germany held the largest market share in Europe beer market followed by the U.K.

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Health benefits associated with consumption of beer is one of the major factors boosting the demand for beer in Europe. Beer, being an alcoholic beverage offers several health benefits when consumed within stipulated limits. It is the third most popular drink after water and tea in Europe. Consumption of beer keeps the kidneys healthy as each bottle of beer consumed reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by about 40%. The presence of soluble fiber in beer results in digestion which reduces the occurrence of intestinal transit. Beer contains elevated levels of silicon facilitating development of stronger bones and increased bone density. Rising disposable income post economic slowdown among the consumers especially among the youth is also expected to drive the beer market in Europe. The strengthened economic condition of Europe has led to the significant rise in the disposable income of the consumers.

However, the availability of substitutes is restraining the growth of beer market in Europe. There are both internal and external substitutes for beer. Internal substitutes of beer include other alcoholic beverages such as spirits (Whiskey,...

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