Behavior 1

Behavior 1

Lauren Pressley
May 31, 2010
Human Growth and Development

Behavior Observation 1
Topic 1: Sucking Reflex
Observation Behavior: My cousin (G.C.) sucking is bottle
Description: I observed G.C. sucking on his bottle. His mother placed it into his mouth and he automatically started sucking on the bottle. He also sucked on this pacifier, has it was placed in his mouth,

Textbook Reference: As stated in (Chapter 4), this is an example of sucking reflex, when a newborn reaction to automatically suck an object placed in its mouth. The reflex permits the newborn to get nourishment before he or she related a nipple with food.

Topic 2: Moro Reflex

Observation Behavior: My cousin (R.J.) being put down my his dad

Description: R.J. became startled when his dad set him on the floor. He curved is back and kicked out his legs and arms. It peered like we were trying to grab on to his dad for support. He also became startled when the dog licked him on the foot.

Textbook Reference: In (Chapter 4), this is an example of Moro reflex, when the baby is surprised or startled it arches its back, throws its head back and tosses out his arms and legs. Some believe babies grab to support their fall. R.J. showed a great example of how a baby responses when they are frightened.

Topic 3: Joint Attention

Observation Behavior: My friends baby (K.H.) pointing

Description: K.H. is interested in a toy. He catches his mother’s attention by pointing at the toy. He does it in till his mother replies to his interest.
Textbook Reference: In (Chapter 5) this is an example of joint attention, when an infant focus on an object that captured their attention and then directs another’s attention to the object.

Topic 4: Securely Attached Babies

Observation Behavior: I observed my sister attachment behavior to our mother.

Description: She would act outrageous when our...

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