Behavior That Can Change the Organization and the Environment

Behavior That Can Change the Organization and the Environment

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Running Head: Management Behavior Memo

Management Behavior Memo

University of Phoenix

As the organization move to a merge with Enviro Tech, there are procedure and behaviors that needs to be fallowed at all times. This procedure will allow the merge to be smooth and seamless processes to our employees and our client. A positive attitude but a more encouragement look needs to be demonstrated throughout all the employees to make sure that they are not viewing the merge as a threat, instead as a potential position movement. Keeping all the employees informed and organized will allow the merge and the new procedure to run smooth with no effect in the organization bottom line. At the same time we need to be reminded of all the labor laws that can be broken without intention and will affect the organization image and bottom line. In this direction facing the diverse merge with Enviro Tech needs to ensure that all employees are being treated equally with respect at all time. Allowing this merge for IntraClean, Inc. is a change that needs to be faces with a positive attitude, allow a smooth change without it affecting both Enviro Tech and IntraClean, Inc. employees and both our organizations clients.

Any kind of behavior can change the organization and the environment that they work in either to be a positive or be a negative environment. A manger behavior can impact any worker at any time and can lead the employee to either improve his performance or result in to lack of performance. Management are not only managing the department but they are leaders at work within each department, if there is no involvement of a manger within the department it can lead to a messy department and productivity would be low. For example if a manger is not performing or motivating his employees within that department the manager’s productivity would be low. At the same time the employees would not be motivated to perform at their very best to get the job done. There is a...

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