Behavior Within a Company

Behavior Within a Company

Question 1:
Assuming that I am an HR executive for a company that manufactures and sells
agricultural products and the company's workforce of 1,200 employees is 70 percent
male and 30 percent female, I would implement the following antiharassment policy and

1. Education: Training programs that educate employees regarding the meaning of
sexual harassment and the behaviors that constitute harassment and a hostile work
environment. This is important because men and women differ in their perceptions of
harassment and what constitutes it. Training should be in the form of seminars and
workshops, and should include films and videos so that it is clear what we are talking
about and referring to when we draw inferences and there is no mistaking it or denying it
because both men and women have SEEN examples of what not to say or do.

2. An Internal Complaint Procedure: I would implement a procedure that provides for
fast action and confidentiality and ensures that employees can report the problem to a
manager who is not involved in the harassment. The procedure will also stipulate exactly
how investigations should be conducted.

3. Speedy Corrective Action: If an investigation supports the employee's claim,
corrective action is quickly taken either by talking to the offending employees or firing
the offending employees depending on the severity of their actions. I particularly liked
the idea of an offending employee publicly apologizing but I think this is too demeaning
and I believe if the employee is dealt with in a professional manner that there is a great
chance that the behavior will not occur in the future.

4. Written and Communicated Antiharassment Policy: The written policy will of course be
documented and will be found in the employee's handbook. When an employee is hired,
he/she must read and sign the policy and receive the training if same training as
everyone else who is working in the company. They...

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