Behind the Wheel

Behind the Wheel

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Behind the Wheel

The shower, your back yard, your front porch, your room; what other places can you think about? Places can make humans bring out feeling and emotions. Different places affect different people different. Many people have their own connections with their own special places.

Some people like to chill outside their house because they it makes them feel freedom, others because it makes them feel success and proudness. Some people like going to some places because it makes they feel happiness or it brings them back memories they can have on any other place.

I like driving a lot, especially trucks and at high speed. Every time I get behind the wheel it seems like nothing else matters. As the speed increases, the adrenaline increases, all I can feel it’s a rush coming from my feet until it reaches my brain. Every time am feeling down, depressed or sick, I grab the keys and as soon as the motor goes on, the adrenaline start, and every time i put my foot on the pedal the adrenaline on my body goes up.

Driving not just gives me adrenaline, but it also relaxes me, it brings back lost memories and its makes my heart work faster. Every so often when am driving I start to remember things that are in the past. I remember the days I used to spend with my uncle, who passed away 2 years ago. Whenever am behind the wheel I remember the times me and him used to ride around the city, we used to have fun, go on adventures. Every single detail of those days come back to my head. It’s like if I was re living the past again. Yes I do remember my uncle whenever am not driving but it’s not the same.

Even though places are just places for some people, for others it’s a whole adventure. While for some people sitting behind the wheel it’s just another daily task, for me its much more than that. That special place behind the wheel transforms me, it allows me to leave my daily life and travel into my own world. And am sure that...

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