Being Media Literate

Being Media Literate

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In this section we talked about different topics but they all connected to media. It will be hard for me to choose the main thing we talked about, because they are all important. And I would even say that this was the best learning experience for me, because things we learned are actually useful in everyday life and it is part of our culture. I learned that Video Games can really harm kids. Other thing that I found very useful is that spamming is not only advertising. But the most shocking one for me was that we spend so much money just for the tag...

Being media literate is a very important thing. For example you know that under the influence of games teenagers go and do not only stupid things but dangerous things. And a game comes out where you are a maniac and you have to talk people in to coming with you then you tie them somewhere and start slowly slotering them. Would I buy this game? No! Because i know if i spend too much time playing that game I'll lose the difference between the game and reality and might even commit a crime.

I'm sure you know what spam is. Spam is, as you might already know this, it is not requested e-mail. With might have a advertisement in it and just information. But trust me it's more than that it might contain viruses or simply be phishing. Phishing is type of spam created by a person or organization it is usually a handmade but very identical page that tells you to confirm some information and after you do that it thanks’ you and sends it to the requester. And now another topic might take place which I didn't list up there, it is identity theft but I'm not going to talk about it.

Have you ever seen an old pair of jeans with some holes in them and paint and stuff.

«just to let you know that those are the jeans Indian kids throw away because they are old and America gets them washes them and sells them from $30 up to $180.» j.k.

That was obviously a joke but it has some moral to it. It is so stupid...

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