Being on time

Being on time

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********** Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour: Shockwave Release 1.01 *********

Greetings General!,
If you're reading this you're probably downloaded ShockWave 1.0
This new release fixes all known/fixable errors from the last version, and hopefully doesn't add to many new ones.
If you want to read upon the changes since the last version of the mod you will have to check the "Changelog.txt" document in main package.

***List of content in this package***

ShW101.exe - Installation file
Changelog.txt - Contains a full detailed report of all changes since the last release of the mod
Readme.txt - The file your reading right now


Simply open the file "Shw_11.exe" and folow the instructions explained in this procedure.

***Known Errors***

-If no AI controlled players are present in a game there will be no music playing
-on 8 Player maps there will be no music regardless of there beeing AI controlled players or not


SWR Productions Team:

The_Hunter - Mod Leader and Founder, Modeler, Skinner, Sound FX, 2D Artist, Coding
JJ - Coding, Ai Scripting
Comr4de - Concept Art, Mapper
IPS - Concept Art, Modeler, Skinner
Rade Jovanovic - Modeler
Overdose - Writer
NergiZed - Public Relations

Special Thanks goes to these people for their contributions to the mod:

Deathstrike - For Additional 2D/3D Art, Particle Effects, Former Co-Lead
Amit - For Additional 2D/3D Art, Ai Scripting, Mapping, Former Co-Lead
Stinger - For Additional 2D/3D Art, Coding, Former Co-Lead
Chrizz - For Additional 2D/3D Art
IonCannon - For Additional Particle Effects
LeoJr - For Additional 2D/3D Art
Thierry - For Additional 2D/3D Art
AaronAsh - For Additional 2D/3D Art
Dimantisan - For Additional Mapping
Jordan - For Additional 2D/3D Art, Coding
SpiderSpag - For Additional Mapping
Judgement - For Additional 2D/3D Art
Mathias - For...

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