Hussein wehbi Writing 90 10/27/2008 A PLACE (DOWNTOWN BEIRUT) When you think about downtown you usually picture tall buildings, bright lights, and maybe a river dividing the city. But when you talk about downtown Beirut, there’s nothing like it, its live, full of restaurants and night clubs. There is a big waterfall in the middle of the town with bright lights every where and all the heavy duty rocks decorating the place. Its always full ofpeople and tourists from Asia from all over Europe and America. Its special because its close to the beach and to the mountain so you can go swimming in five minutes or skiing in 15 minutes. People always say that they love Beirut. They love to go smoke hookah and eat the amazing Mediterranean food. And even shopping in the fancy stores that is found in Beirut.

Name: Hussein Wehbi
Date: 11/5/08
Paragraph # 3 (classification)
Topic 3 page 131
WR 90

Kinds of kind people

Kindness is the act of charitable behavior to other people. Most people in the world right now
treat each other in a kind way by respecting each others, and caring for each other, and doing
favors to each other. There are some people that do favors to anyone because they are really
kind, but some people do favors only if you did them a favor and that’s not really nice of them
or that means that they are not usually kind to others. And there are some people which we
rarely see in our world today that are not kind at all no matter what you give them or do for
them. Being kind is a really nice thing to be around that you see everyone helping each others
in a nice way. I think that people all over the world should be kind to everyone no matter where
the person is from or what color the person is.

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