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Research Paper Final Belgium is one of the greatest countries in Europe to visit says (The San Diego Times). Everyone that visits Belgium has enjoyed it and says that people are very considerate of you." After extensive research, one can concluded that Belgium is an ideal place for this family because it meets almost all of this family's needs.

The first need of the family that Belgium can meet the need of is the climate. Belgium has all four seasons. Also in the wintertime there is very little snow accumulation. In the summer and spring it is usually mild, damp and hot (Culturgram 99' 1). The mother would really like the climate of Belgium. Another thing that Belgium would make the family satisfied is the mountains and forest. In the Adrenn's forest there is a very hilly terrain. Although Belgium has mountains, they aren't very big. The highest elevation point in Belgium is 2,275 feet high. There aren't to many mountains either (Culturgram 99' 1). Since the son wants mountains and forest Belgium would be an ok place for him. In the safety area Belgium would be a very safe country to live in without little fear. The law enforcements maintain a solid anti-terrorism effort maintaining a peaceful environment for tourists and businesses. Also Belgium remains largely free of terrorist incidents, which a lot of countries aren't. Therefore there are very few murders that occur. Mostly the only thing that is a problem in Belgium is the pick pocketing and purse snatching, which usually happens in the major cities ( The mother would be very proud of the crime and violence in Belgium.

Belgium is very into sports. Mostly cycling and soccer are most popular sports played and watched. Also beaches are a popular attraction for water sports and volleyball. In the forest there are hunting, fishing, and pigeon racing (Culturgram 99' 3). The son would enjoy the sports in...

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