Belonging Half Essay

Belonging Half Essay

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Explore how perceptions of belonging and not belonging can be influenced by connections to

A great 18th century poet from Great Britain Alfred Tennyson stated “I am a part of all that I have met”. There are a number of concepts of belonging and not belonging which can be altered by relations or connections to places wether you are not accepted or accepted in your hometown. Having that sense of belonging which individuals aspire to can build a strong positive bond with their hometown and find it easy to enhance relationships between other individuals, however conforming to abundant laws and receiving abuse within the family can develop a feeble connection to your home or the community resulting in alienation and departing away. In the verse-novel The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick we witness the notions of belonging and not belonging which are acceptance and non acceptance influenced by links to vicinities through the main character Billy. In the picture book The Island by Armin Greder we visualise the negative notions of belonging which is exclusion and non acceptance. Both these authors enhance the perception of belonging and not belonging in the text through strong and powerful language techniques such as metaphors, simile and symbolism.

In the verse novel The Simple Gift, Herrick reinforces the ideas acceptance and not acceptance which is a perception of belonging and not belonging that are influenced by connections or links to places. The main character Billy cannot find acceptance within his hometown Westfield Creek, he feels abandoned and out of place at school and the community, he dislikes everything in his town. Billy is alienated from parental love and from other relationships as a result of abuse “I signed my name in red “Billy Luckett, rhymes with...” Direct Speech portrays the feeling of estrangement and that he cannot be approved in that society. Billy cannot find acceptance in his father’s world, detesting him calling him “The old...

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