Brittany The Benchwarmer
Once upon a time, there was a girl.
She went by the name of Brittany.
She loved basketball more than anything but,
Bless her heart, she sucked.
The athletic instructor always put her on the team hoping she would get better
But she never progressed her skills.

All the girls on the team made fun of her.
She did not have very thick skin so she got upset a lot
Because of the mean things they would say
To her about her terrible athletic ability.
Although, she had a 147 foot vertical.
Man, she could jump.
Coach would sometimes use her as a rebounder
But that was rare.

One day, she got real mad.
She got so mad that she was going to prove to everyone
She could ball.
She worked day in and day out
On her jump shot but it just wouldn’t hit.
She never gave up.
She was the most determined girl on the team.
Brittany wanted this more than anything.

As she was outside on her court practicing,
She saw a man walking towards her.
Brittany was not shy so she just asked if he wanted to play.
The man replied, "Do you know who I am?"
Brittany said to him, "Nope, sure don’t."
Shocked, he said I am the one and only,
Captain BallerStatus cousin of Michael Jordan, the Legend,
From Planet WeezyWee.

They played and played and played
Until they couldn’t anymore.
Captain asked her if she wanted to go see his
Phenomenal court at his house.
She said, "fa sho", and hopped in his spaceship
Headed for his home planet.
Her new dream was to dunk the moon.
She wanted to step it up a few notches.

Brittany asked him if he could teach her
And he said, "Oh yeah, definitely."
They got right to work. Her skills were finally progressing
With Captain BallerStatus' help.
It took long, hours and hard work but she had done it.
She used her superhuman
Jumping abilities to jump to the moon
From PLanet WeezyWee.
She said her goodbyes to BallerStatus
And thanked him for all the help.
He told her, "I'll be watching, you...