Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of Cycling Outline

Purpose: To inform the audience of the multiple benefits of cycling.


How many of you are tired of rising gas prices? How many of you find yourself staying home on

weekends because either you or your friends don’t have enough money for gas? To be honest, I think

we all are. During my speech we will be discussing the benefits of cycling, and how one simple invention

known as the bicycle can greatly impact your health, your wallet, and the environment we live in.


1) Want to save money? Ride a bicycle

A.) Cycling reduces money spent on gasoline.

1.) Commuting by bicycle is drastically cheaper than commuting by car

2.) Bicycles are powered by our bodies, not expensive fuel

B.) Maintenance on bicycles vs. maintenance on automobiles

1.) Thousands of expensive replaceable pieces compared to only a few cheap parts on bicycles

2.) Less time consuming to repair a bicycle than repairing a car

3.) Can be maintained anywhere, anytime, with simple tools

C.) How much does it really cost to ride a bicycle?

1.) Monetary Costs

A.) Bike Costs Average

B.) Repair Costs Average

2.) Natural Costs

A.) Time Costs Average

B.) Energy Costs Average

3.) Personal Expense Experience

A.) Time Costs Per Commute Daily

1.) Average time used for car commute

2.) Average time used for bicycle commute

B.) Energy Costs

1.) More sleep, full 8 hours needed

C.) Monetary Costs

1.) Average Personal Repair Costs Per Month

2) Cycling Improves Quality of Health

A.) Cycling is exercise (Weight loss and muscle gain)

B.) Medical Benefits

1.) Stress Relief

2.) Heart Health

3.) Body Coordination

3) Environmental effects of commuting via bicycle

A.) Energy use effects

1.) Reduces Carbon Footprint

2.) Reduces Non-Renewable Fuel Use

3.) Reduces Air Pollution

B.) Recycling Benefits

1.) All parts on the bicycle are recyclable

2.) Broken...

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