Benefits of gas fired boiler in central heating

Benefits of gas fired boiler in central heating

Central heating usually consists of a heating furnace or boiler, located in the basement or a separate room in the house, and radiators to which the heat is distributed by hot steam or water. If you plan on having central heating installed in your house, you will most likely have to choose between electric, oil or gas fuelled heating. While all of these options will keep your home warm in the end, there are some differences regarding cost, maintenance and installation:

Gas fired boiler for central heating is clean and eco-friendly

Compared to oil central heating, gas central heating will produce significantly less emissions. Therefore it’s not only more eco-friendly but also cleaner; gas central heating will only emit water and carbon dioxide and accordingly does not require regular maintenance such as cleaning both the heater and the chimney from combustion residues. However yearly boiler service checks by a Gas Safe engineer are necessary. Oil heating will produce sulfur deposits that have to be cleaned out by a specialist every year, which will produce additional costs. Also, with gas central heating you won’t need a large tank for oil that could leak and poison the ground water – gas comes conveniently and safely through a pipe.

Gas central heating is cheaper

While there may be exceptions, such as in areas with no gas main connections, gas central heating is usually cheaper than electric or oil powered heating. For an oil central heating system you will need both an elaborate heating furnace that would burn the oil efficiently, as well as a large oil tank that would supply the furnace with oil. These tanks are usually installed in the basement or outside, which is more expensive if you decide to have the tank buried under ground where it’s less visible. Gas central heating will only require a gas heating furnace that will usually be cheaper than an oil furnace, and gas heating installation for an average two-storey house will cost around £3,000...

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