Benefits of Weight Training for Children

Benefits of Weight Training for Children

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Jay Patel

Reynolds, Gretchen. "Phys Ed: The Benefits of Weight Training for Children."
     The New York Times. New York Times Company, 24 Nov. 2010. Web. 12 Oct.
     2013. <


The article “Phys Ed: The Benefits of Weight Training for Children” by Gretchen Reynolds starts off by stating a problem that has been researched by many scientists. The problem is weight training is bad for children and adolescents because it shunts their growth and it does not provide any sort of benefits for the children because it doesn’t seem to make them stronger in any way. The writer then goes on to say that a new study has been conducted proving this statement wrong. The study proves that weight training does in fact increase the strength of children and adolescents. The study was conducted for 60 years in Cologne, Germany. It was proven that young people of any age who participated in resistance training at least twice a week for a month or more showed greater strength gains than those who worked out only once a week or for shorter periods.
The Institute of Training Science and Sports Informatics in Cologne, Germany searched electronic bibliographic databases, key journals, and reference lists of reviews, book chapters, and articles. Two independent reviewers evaluated the effects of resistance training on muscle strength for prepubertal and postpubertal healthy children and adolescents by using the results of randomized and nonrandomized controlled trials. Assessments of muscle endurance and motor performance tests were excluded. The influence of continuous and categorical moderator variables was assessed by meta-regression and subgroup analyses.
The results of their analysis indicate that there is an ability to gain muscular strength in children and adolescents, and there is a noticeable boost during puberty.

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