Benifits of My Unit

Benifits of My Unit


CPL Lee S.J.

Before Coming this unit, I didn’t have any idea what would I be like as a soldier and actually, maybe I was afraid to be one. On the other hand, I wanted to make the best of my 24 months service by keeping good relationship with U.S soldiers and KATUSAs. From ROK Training Academy to this unit, I`ve been practicing my faith being as a good soldier everyday, and doing my best too.

My unit is a headquarters company. Therefore, it has a lot of sections. For example, Airfield, CSP, DPTMS, DPW, Education Center, Equal Opportunity Office, ITO, Legal office, Orderly room, PAO, ROKA staff office, S-1, TMP, etc. Since there are too many sections in the unit, we can’t see each other often. Usually, 30 minutes of formations, sergeant’s time training are the only time that everyone comes together. Especially in my section, there are only ROKA staffs, ROKA sergeant major and KATUSAs. So we almost speak Korean like a ROKA unit. I think, since I am in a non-English speaking section, chances of getting close to U.S soldiers were less frequent for me than other KATUSAs. If it isn`t too late, I would like to make good friend ship with U.S soldiers from now on.

We can organize activities for US soldiers and KATUSA soldiers. For example organizing more chance of staff ride will help increasing the tightness of the bond between the US and KATUSA soldiers. Through the tour around the peninsula will make the soldiers to spend time together in any kind of form. Also, conducting a survey of all soldiers in the unit will help discover what they want to do and to go for the day of activities.

To accomplish this idea, we need motivation, dedication and willingness to make it happen. Especially in these days, the indifference to the matter going on in the unit is spreading like an epidemic. However, we have to attempt to reach what we must do can only make us as one – ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT.

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