Benihana Case

Benihana Case

What is the Benihana concept?

The Benihana concept is based on this week’s lessons on “Job Shop”, where a process deviates in small numbers, just like Benihana’s menu. Because of there stringent and efficient business model, the restaurant serves steak, filet mignon, chicken, and shrimp exclusively at once based on customer preference. Secondly, job shop requires skilled craftsmen who can customize the product based on customer request, similar to how each Chef at Benihana prepares and serves each food item. Thirdly, in job shop the order starts once the customer places an order, just like in Benihana, as it prides itself on made to order items right in front of the customers. Benihana’s fourth trait in common with job shop is in regards to its use of machines and or equipment which are arranged according to their uses, which is similar to how Benihana separates its bar, lounge, and food. In a job shop machines and or equipment conduct a variety of jobs, similar to how the Teppanyaki tables are used to serve a variety of items. Finally, like most job shops, they depend on the availability of the craftsmen and working conditions of its machines. Benihana is no different, as much depends on the skill level of its Chefs’ and the working conditions of its tables,

Is Benihana a successful operation? How successful?

I believe that Benihana is a successful operation based on several facets. First, its revenue has continued to rise year over year which certainly keeps investors happy. Our case also leads us to believe that both employees and its customers are happy with the services rendered by the restaurant chain. After reviewing the case we can determine that Benihana has seen double-digit growth since inception. Initially, the venture started with an investment of $30,000 in 1964, and from its humble beginnings, Benihana grew into a chain with over 15 restaurants across the country that grossed $12MM 8 years later. Furthermore, when analyzing its financials...

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