Global Leaders Can
Cabrera, Ángel, and Gregory Unruh. 2012.
Being Global: How to Think, Act, and Lead in a Transformed World.
Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business Review Press.

Be Made: Learning to
Connect, Create, and

In 2007, Israeli-born Shai Agassi abandoned his position as the
heir apparent of the global software giant SAP AG. He left to pursue a vision of environmentally friendly electric vehicles-an
entire world of cars and charging stations, as well as the supply
and regulatory infrastructure needed for an electric car to flourish
in a gasoline-dominated automotive market. If successful, Agassi's
approach would offer a transportation alternative that does not
drain the earth's limited supply of fossil fuels or stuff the atmosphere full of greenhouse gases. He also plans to make a lot of
money for investors and create thousands of jobs.



Global Leaders Can Be Made

Agassi is not an inventor or a government official. He doesn't

Agassi is an exceptional human being, but he is not unique.

have any distinct expertise in mechanical engineering or manufac-

Over the years, we have met many people who share the same abil-

turing, and he doesn't have the power to change transportation reg-

ity to form a vision and bring together resources and individuals

utations or energy policy. What Agassi does have is a set of skills in
much shorter supply than any of these resources or assets. Like the

from around the globe to realize that vision in a way that brings
value to everyone involved.

rest of the individuals we introduce throughout this book, Agassi is

Other global leaders we introduce in this book include Rangina

a global leader.

Hamidi, an Afghan woman who launched a textile business in
Kandahar in 2002 after the fall of the Taliban; Lalit Ahuja, who
help establish Target in India; Merle Hinrichs, founder of the global

What Is a Global Leader?