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What are the standards of success?
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Standards of success are relative throughout the world. In biblical times a man's success was judged by the size of his herd of cattle. In Oriental cultures engineers are more respected than physicians. If you look at success on a purely physical basis and in the United States, it would have to be measured in wealth. Sometimes a person may have all the trappings of success,nice home,club membership,cars etc. and be in great debt with no actual wealth at all. In the stock market crash of 1929 many people who "had it made" according to the standards of wealth, committed suicide when their success was threatened. To really get to the heart of success you have understand what the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob has to say about it. Since He made man, He is qualified to know more than anyone what success is. I will give two examples from the old and new covenants (The Bible). Solomon was the richest man in all the world. In his life he had it all and did it all. He was the billionaire of all time and tried to enjoy his wealth. He had vineyards (wine), hundreds of wives, (women) and his own orchestra (song).He built his own horse track and had the best horses in the land. With all of this he got terribly depressed Ecclesiastes, and was not happy. At the end of his life he said that there are two things that lead to happiness 1)Love God 2) obey His commandments. In the New covenant, Jesus ask the question, What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Let us examine this statement.First,it is possible to be successful according to the world's standards and not know God. The weight of His question was in the eternal lose of soul. In the eternal the man was not successful but a failure. He had his reward for the 70 or so years of his life and spent eternity in hell. Could...

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