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Best Seller

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What Makes a Bestseller?

This is a debatable question, and one that can have a variety of answers.  Some of them could be related to-How passionate is the author about the topic/subject?  Are the authors able to write in an engaging manner?  Is this book unique or are there hundred others just like it already in stores? 

If there was a formula for writing a bestselling novel, then all writers would be bestselling novelists. It's ambitious and difficult to set out to write a bestselling novel, but not impossible to achieve. A small proportion of authors are consistent bestselling novelists; other writers write one bestselling novel and then never sell anything as popular again. Remember that not every bestselling novel is a well-written novel. There is a difference between popular and deeply talented. Few novels achieve both aspects. Generally a book that remains in print, and that has a lasting readership long after it was written, is a classic example of a best-seller. Usually these books remain popular because they are great examples of the style of the time (or they could be very unique examples of writing from that time), they have relevance to people (and people feel they can still find meaning in it), people relate to it, and it covers universal themes that defy the boundaries of the time in which they were written.

Furthermore, a novelistic style or group of characters can be serialized into many subsequent books. V.C. Andrews, J.K. Rowling, John Grisham and John Irving all have a breezy, signature style that keeps people hovering around picking up their books. People will buy for the brand name of novel these people produce, regardless of the subject or the matter. Authors even tend to write about an outrageous or taboo subject to stand apart from the competition and often to experiment as well. Writing about things everyone thinks but no one wants to talk about is a good way to lose a lot of friends or sell a lot of books. If you happen to have...

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