Beware of Jaw Crusher Bearings in High Summer Temperature

Beware of Jaw Crusher Bearings in High Summer Temperature

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Summer is coming, people need to prevent heat stroke, and so does the stone crusher machine. Therefore, mining or gravel aggregate producers need to do a good job in advance for jaw crusher bearing protection, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in production. Under normal circumstances, bearing’s temperature is around 30℃, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70℃, otherwise, the bearing will deform because of the high temperatures. In severe cases, the jaw crusher will be damaged directly, and even worse, machine explosion is possible. So we need to do preparation work well, especially in summer.

There are several reasons that can cause high temperature of small jaw crusher bearing: bearing wear or damage. Tight sleeve axial movement occurs. Bearing oil cuts off or oil injects too much. Crusher fly counterweight sheave block position deviation, rack beating. Lubricating hole jam and oil can not be injected. Not the bearing temperature rising. Specific solutions: Replace the worn bearing timely. Remove the bearing cap on the rack and replace with a new adapter. Add oil according to the instructions. Clean up the oil hole and tank obstructions. Replace the upper cover and jaw crusher gland cover.

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