Bhopal Case

Bhopal Case



2 Credits

Fundamentals of Ecology: Organization, functioning and development, Concept of ecosystem, Organization of ecosystem: abiotic and biotic component, Functioning of ecosystem: ecological energetic. Biogeochemical cycles- N2, H 20,So2,P: homeostasis, Concept of limiting factors, Habitat and niche, Ecological equivalents, Sympatry and Allopatry Environmental Engineering : Introduction, Environmental system overview, Environmental ethics, A material balance approach to problem solving, Environmental law, Environmental Economics Hydrology: The hydrological cycle, Surface water hydrology, Ground water hydrology, Common units of measurement, The hydrologic equation, Rainfall analysis, Runoff analysis Water Quality management: Water pollutants and their sources, Water quality standard, Water Quality Analysis, Water treatments, Water Supply: Population estimation and Prediction, Consequence of overdrawing surface water and ground water, Water Pollution- Nepalese context, Arsenic pollution in Nepal Wastewater treatment: Wastewater microbiology, Characteristics of waste water, Municipal waste water treatment system, Reed Bed Waste water treatment system Air pollution: Physical and chemicals fundamentals, Air pollution perspectives, Air pollution standards, Effect of air pollution, Air pollution meteorology, Atmospheric dispersion, Indoor air pollution, Control measures, PM 10 – An analysis of Brick Kilns factory Noise pollution: Introduction, Effect of noise on people, Rating system, Noise control Solid waste management: Introduction, Sources, collection, transportation, landfilling, incineration and composting, Resource conservation and recovery, Hazardous wastes Global environmental events: Global warming, Ozone layer depletion, Acid deposition, Eutrophication, Asian Brown Cloud, Case study: Chernobyl disasters, Bhopal gas tragedy and Minamatta disease Environmental mathematical modeling...

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