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Anzaur Biboletov


Sunday in the Park

I think that the story “Sunday in the Park” is very usual in our life. I saw the same situations with the very different finals in reality.
About story, I can understand Morton’s wife in that situation, I even can understand Morton, but I can’t understand Joe. Unfortunately in our society many bad-mannered people like Joe’s father, who probably will respect only physical power. This story is very unfair and left annoying or upsetting in Morton family.
I think Morton should be more aggressive and confident in this situation, because people like Joe usually doesn’t understand any kindness language and if they see weakness, they will try to pressure or “crush” the other person.

In my life experience I have seen similar situation with different turn. I was traveling by the train in Russia and on one of the train stops I saw 2 people who got argue. It was exactly the same roles as a “Sunday in the Park”. The big man tried to take sit in a space which belonged to other person who visually was weak and short. But difference in that situation that they started to fight and the funniest is that the short guy beat the big man.
Autobiographical Statement (Final Draft)

I would like to apply for police officer position in San Francisco Police Department.

Police job is very difficult but I am sure that I am ready to handle it. I see how police officers are helping people in different emergency situations. My dream is to help people in my city. Also I see how high the crime rate in the city is. My purpose is to reduce crime and to provide safety to our people.
My work experience in USA makes me strong candidate for this position. I worked for 3 years as a Security guard and Loss Prevention officer. During my job in that sphere I have got many various trainings...