Biblical World View

Biblical World View

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God Creation and Man

‘’In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) Moving
backwards a little before “In the beginning” Before God spoke the universe into
existence, there was nothing but void and the Trinity. God created His masterpiece
the earth and then man whom He created in His own image. Sin entered the world
after Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit which gave them the knowledge of
good and evil. To really know who one is or how one is to live their life, that person
must first learn about his amazing creator and what He is like.

God is an all knowing and all powerful God. Psalm 90:2 says, “…from everlasting to
everlasting You are God” meaning there was no beginning and will be no end to the
existence of God the creator. He is faithful and just, He is love, He is saving grace
and no amount of words that anyone could ever say could show just how
magnificent He truly is. God is a personal God and wants to have a relationship
with everyone. “…before ‘In the beginning’ the personal was already there. Love and
thought and communication existed prior to the creation of the heavens and the
earth.” (Genesis Space and Time: Page 21)

One might ask, “Since God made the universe, what is its nature?” When we think
of the universe, we must think of it as a whole. God is order, and He made our
universe; thus the nature of our universe is order not chaos.

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Adam and Eve were the first humans that God created, man out of dust and woman
out of man. God gave them one rule and that was not to eat of the fruit on one
particular tree in the Garden of Eden. Eve was talked into eating the fruit by the
serpent, and then she convinced Adam to eat of it as well. When they had
disobeyed God, they felt ashamed and naked; so they hid from Him. After talking
with them, He punished them by banishing them from the...

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