Big Ben

Big Ben

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“What a morning,” said Freddy. “Sure is,” said the old man that lived down the street. There may be a couple of showers later on today but that is about all. Yeah, but they wont last to long. Hey have you seen my bike? No, but I saw one like it. Where? Up on Fourth Street, this kid was riding it, but you don’t think that a kid would be stupid enough to steal your bike? I mean you’re so much bigger than the rest of us; you would knock out anyone that tries to stand up to you. Quit talking like that, you know I don’t hit other kids, it’s just not right and besides there is no point in fighting. All it does is give you an adrenaline rush and after wards you’re shaking. Hey, do you know if the store is open yet? My mom needs some more cheese for supper tonight.

What’s up, said Freddy. Nothing much, just doing my rounds, said Mark. I have been meaning to ask you, just for laughs, have you seen anything suspicious going on? No, but I will tell you if I do. What are you exactly looking for? Well, keep this to your self, but there has been people going missing. Now, it hasn’t been to many, but enough to be worried about, and if I were you I would keep my eyes open very wide so that I see every thing. I will be sure to do that Mark. Now, where is the shop that I am looking for? Just down that way to the left, but there is a reason it is closed, it was robbed last week. But the funny thing is, there was nothing taken. No money, no items, no nothing!

Mom I’m home have you cooked dinner yet said Freddy no not yet but I was just about to right before you walked in. Hey mom did you hear about the store getting robbed but nothing was taken. Yes I have but ever since that day the shop keeper has not hardly came out of his house and when he does he does not speak to anyone. Would you like to take a pie to him to cheer him up, sure mom? So Freddy goes up towards forth street and has caution. But out of the corner of his eye Freddy sees something he starts chasing it...

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