Big Business

Big Business

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James D Washington
Is education big business?

When did we start to profit to empower others? If knowledge is power, and it is. Why is there a price? A rather huge price if you will.   In the United States of America the average price to go to college is about thrifty to forty thousand. However, there are some parents paying for day care with certain educational benefits attached to them, also some parents pay from preschool to collage. Sounds like BIG BUSINESS to me.

I live in Southfield MI in the United States. There are some schools were you can get a good education for free, however there are also so school that will cost you a pretty penny. Country Day is a school in Beverly Hills MI. To a tin Country Day at the elementary level will cost you seventeen thousand dollars a year. Also from 8th grade thought 12th grade will cost you thirty thousand dollars. Sounds like BIG BUSINESS to me. Let's do some math. At 17k *7 years equals 119,000.00. And at 30k*5 years equals 150,000.00. This is at the beginning stage of learning. We haven't Touch College. The USA is a very capitalist the country. It's funny to me how we pay teachers pennies, compared to what we pay athletes. Teachers empower an inspire give direction and equip us with what we need to be successful in life. Athletes on the other hand inspire you to want to be like the athlete. To jump as high as them or to run as fast as the can. In some country's you can go to college for free.....

It is my opinion   that because we live in the United States of America a very capitalistic country, that education is just another profitable business and is operated as such. It doesn't matter it you pass if you learned anything, but did you pay.

James D Washington

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