Big Data Gets Personal

Big Data Gets Personal

BCS 300

1. Why behavioral tracking such an important ethical dilemma today?
Because tracking people’s every move online is an invasion of privacy.
Online behavioral tracking and targeting can be used to take advantage of vulnerable consumers.
Online behavioral tracking and targeting can be used to unfairly discriminate against consumers.

Identify the stakeholders & interest groups in favor of/opposed to behavioral tracking.
It collects personal information in order to higher-quality service. Moreover, this information collection has been modified reflect changing trends

Using Do Not Track policy option into its Internet Explorer 10 browser as its default setting which get a number of public comments & critiques from major companies.

2. How do businesses benefit from behavioral tracking?

Benefits for Online Publisher
If a user decides to click on an ad or link that they just “happen” to come upon, this means that their targeting strategy actually works.
This means increase in traffic and number of hits, which means more profit.

Benefits for Retailer
If a retailer is selling musical instruments, for example, wouldn't it be best if he/she can target those who are really into music?
If an entrepreneur, through data tracking software, can find out the people who do, then this would be a great help to his business.
Well-matched and targeted ads can lead to a possible sale; and of course increased sales means greater returns.

Do people benefit?

Benefit for Users
User may find links and ads on his wall that are related to his preferred topics or interests. This can actually help save him the time of conducting an online search in the first place.

3. What would happen if there were no behavioral tracking on the internet?
Less privacy invasion
More irrelevant advertisements
Decreased advertiser spends
Decrease publisher revenues
Lack of online experience for consumers

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