Big Foot Newspaper Report

Big Foot Newspaper Report

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In an exclusive interview yesterday a retired lumberman told of his epic six-day ordeal – abducted by a family of Sasquatches! Alan Ostman, a 64-year-old retired lumberman from British Columbia approached Canadian police three days ago after allegedly being ‘abducted’ by a family of the fabled Bigfoot. On a camping trip near Vancouver Island, he had found prior to his abduction that his supplies and food had been disturbed for two nights in a row. One night, he was awoken abruptly to find that, still inside his sleeping bag, he was being carried away. For approximately twenty-five miles – around three hours journey – he was trapped inside his sleeping bag, close to suffocation. After what he described as three gruelling hours, he was dumped onto the ground. When he emerged, he was met with the sight of what looked like the interior of a cave, and four Sasquatches—more commonly known as ‘Bigfoot’.

“I found myself facing a whole family of them,” Ostman said yesterday. “The father and mother, and the children – a male and female. The fully-grown ones reached at least eight feet tall, and the children weren’t much smaller—seven feet tall, at least! The adult male was thickset and powerfully built – he could’ve easily flattened me. Each of them was covered in a thick, dark fur.”

The animals reportedly conversed between themselves in a foreign, but apparently intelligent, language. They did not speak directly to Ostman at this point, and did not hurt or threaten him; however, they seemed very determined to not allow him to leave their company. On the occasions that Ostman was permitted to see the cave’s mouth, he described the surrounding areas as a ‘small valley, enclosed by cliffs’. The adult male stood guard at the opening of this cave, which was the only apparent exit.

For six days, Ostman was held captive in these conditions. “I formed a bond, of sorts, with the young male in there. Of the few items I had with me, he...

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