Big Game of the Year

Big Game of the Year

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Justin Laureano


English 101

September 22, 2008

Big Game of the Year

My junior year of varsity baseball and I was only sixteen years old. The team consisted of two freshman and the rest sophomores and juniors. I didn’t know that playing in such a game would help me mature as a person and a teammate. As a team we were expected to excel with such a young team but we made it all the way to CIF finals game. The thing that really got us going was when earlier in the season, Coach Morton took us to the place we were at today. It was the stadium we were playing at and it would be a great experience to play here. Looking back on it, as young team we lost a few games in a row and had our heads hanging. After the trip, I thought our team realized we have a shot and could make it.
As we arrived for the game, I knew I was very anxious to play and win. The team was over condiment and cocky because we clearly ease throughout the playoffs dismantling teams. The field was the exact same as we expected when we visited 2 months earlier except a crowd and players playing in a game before us in a lower division finals game. We watched and tried to stay focus on the task at hand. By staying loose I remember listening to my ipod, rock and rap kept my mind mellow.
Flashing back to last year, I was a second baseman where I played regularly but this season I played mostly outfield. Coach Morton told me to be ready to play some infield if I need too. Being a versatile player helps the team out but I would have to deal with some adversity because I was a bit nervous, if I was to step in that role. That made me more anxious to play because I didn’t know what to expect playing in such a big game. I just kept trying to stay focus some how.
The team was focused but there was a sense of over confidence and cockiness and that seem to bother me a bit because players thought we already won the game before it even started. As a young team we shouldn’t expect anything...

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