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Business Intelligence Group promoted by enterpri sing technocrats with more than a decade of experience

A consulting and technology firm providing business transformation service to industry specific solution and thus optimize our clients operational process.

Our vision is to provide solution which assist companies/institutions in maximizing the performance of their processes by reducing functional costs.


Vehicle tracking system Bio metric devices RFID School Management software (M-skool) Boards and Modules


RFID Biometric GPS and GPRS


Schematic & PCB Designs Software development FPGA/CPLD Design Solutions Verification and Validation

§Software development §Embedded Designs §PCB design §Firmware development §ASIC design §IP core Development §FPGA/CPLD Design Solutions §Verification and Validation

BIG offers complete board design capability - from requirements to design, layout, prototyping, testing and transfer to production. Our team has rich experience in designing high-speed, high-density multi-layer boards and systems. Expertise in:
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Architecture design Schematics capture Board layout Signal integrity & Cross talk analysis EMI/EMC analysis Prototyping Bring-up testing & Design validation Pilot production (low volume) Transfer to production

Embedded Single Board Computers and Motherboards
MPC82XX-Power PC AT91SAM92XX-ARM 9 MCF52XX-Cold Fire

Micro Controller and Industrial Controller Based Boards. DSP Based Boards.
TMS320C6727B-TI ADSP-21xx - Analog Devices

FPGA/CPLD Based Boards
Spartan Series- Spartan3,3E and 3A-Xilinx. XC95XL and COOL Runner series-Xilinx.

Peripheral Adapters
PCI-Express, PCI, PCI-X, USB, PCMCIA and Compact FLASH.

Communication Protocols

BIG FPGA development team is capable of delivering fully validated ready to deploy...

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