Big Stick

Big Stick

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{section 1: unclaimed}
• What business they are in?
• Definition of industry and analyze this under the lense of marketing myopia
• Corporate Strategy: Mission/Vision and Broad strategy statement of the company
• How that is translated into business units and functional units? (mission to goal/objectives)
• Organization structure: how does marketing department look like?
• Industry analysis: Porter’s five factors model

{Section 2: Alen}
Customer Analysis:

• Describe the target market? What is the basis? How large it is?
• Consumer v business buyer.
• Mass-marketing v segmented marketing
• Needs, Wants, Unmet Needs, Motivations
• Identify Threats and Opportunities
• Explore Potential Segments (Benefits Sought, Features Desired, Usage, Demographics, Lifestyle Firm Data, Price Sensitivities)

Competitor Analysis
{section 2: Alen}
• Describe the main competitors: their products, plan, experience, market positions, know-how, resources, and the strategy.

• What are their strengths and weaknesses of the competitors?

• Perceptual map

• Market share information

Market Analysis
{Section 3: Jon}
Identify market dimensions:

• Size and growth
• Profitability
• Cost Structure (with value-added stages)
• Distribution systems (potential changes)
• Risks of high-growth markets (normal changes and paradigm shifts)
• Market Trends, Threats, Opportunities, Key Success Factors

• Forecast Market Growth (Rate and direction of turns and Life Cycle Stages

Market potential and sales potential

What is the demand trend?

How do you describe the market? Growth, matures, or hostile?

Macro Environment
{section 3 : Jon}
• Demographics
• Economic condition at this time and in the geographical area...

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