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Environmentally Friendly Bikes – Hydrogen Bike

By: Awangku Asfazia

The future of biking may be about to revolutionize with road testing of the world's first hydrogen power-driven bike coming to an end and its manufacture for the open market forthcoming.
The new bike named the ENV (Emissions Neutral Vehicle) motorbike is powered via hydrogen cells. The British based company, Intelligent Energy that developed the machine with designers from Seymour Powell has been working on this fuel cell technology for over 10 years. They hope that these bikes will revolutionize the biking world and show the community that not all environmentally friendly vehicles need to be uninteresting.
The design of the motorbike may not be to everybody's tastes but you can not fault the economy of this eccentric little machine. With the imminent arrival on the biking scene what are the disadvantages and advantages of a hydrogen powered bike:
Cost - This machine will cost an estimated £3000 on the market and although this may seem pricey it is certainly a lot cheaper than a brand new car/motorbike. Once these bikes become available on the second hand market they will be much cheaper.
Running costs - The running costs related with the ENV are minute. It is estimated that these bikes will journey up to four hours or 100 miles on a single hydrogen cell at the overall cost of £3

Bike Insurance - The fact that these bikes will be fitted out to a road going spec will state that the rider must take out some form of motorbike insurance. In all probability however these bikes will benefit from cheap bike insurance with relation to the costs for bike insurance for other motorbikes.
Noise level - There is no noise, in fact the bike is so quiet you will strain to hear it in the hustle and bustle of commuting traffic.
Environment - This bike is extremely environmentally friendly and uses a sustainable power source meaning that the environment will benefit by these bikes...

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